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5 Cons Of Arranged Marriages

5 Cons About Arranged Marriages You Didn’t Know

When we think of traditional marriages we often think of trust, love, and commitment. However, in many cultures, marriages are based on social and economic statuses. Arranged marriages are far from what we call traditional marriages. In fact, arranged marriages are the complete opposite of traditional marriages. Unlike traditional marriages, arranged marriages prioritize family before love.

There are many reasons why arranged marriages are still practiced today, low divorce rates being one of many reasons. Just like there are advantages, there are also disadvantage to arranging marriages.

1. The Absence of Choice
The majority of arranged marriages are forced, which means that you can not object. This could sentence a person to a life of misery.

2. A Loss of Experience – When you are involved in an arranged marriage, it is typically arranged when you are very young. You are not allowed to date or attempt to meet anyone else because you husband or wife has already been chosen for you.

3. Chances of Divorce – divorce rates are said to be very low in arranged marriages, but could this be because divorce is frowned upon in arranged marriages?

4. Love takes second priority – love within your marriages can become second priority. Family members convince the two individuals that love will eventually bloom within the arranged marriage.

5. Interference from extended family – there will be family interference from both families in arranged marriages, satisfying parents will be a more of a priority.





Arranged Marriages – 5 Criteria for Suitable Match In The Indian Culture

Today there are up to 90% of marriages in India and 60% in the world that are arranged. In fact, arranged marriages are also known in countries including Pakistan, Japan, China, and Israel. So what exactly is an arranged marriage? Arranged marriage is a type of marital union where the bride and groom are selected by their families. The most common question often asked about arrange marriage is how does one’s family select a a future daughter-in-law or son-in-law.  There are quite a few criteria’s one must meet in order to be considered a suitable match in an arranged marriage. Here’s a list of the top 5 criteria’s when considering a candidate for an arrange marriage.

Religion: Religion is on the top of the list for arranged marriage criteria. Both parties of an arranged marriage have to belong to the same religion.

Culture: The cultural background of the two families is also taken into consideration while fixing a match.


Horoscope: Horoscope matching is a major part of the arranged marriage process and it is generally the criteria that finalize the talks. Horoscope holds important life predictions as well as describes the individual’s character. In India, it is believed that the horoscope holds the key to every important event of an individual’s life

Professional Stature: This criterion is solely considered by the girl’s side while looking for a match. The prospective groom needs to have a stable job or business and earn enough money to comfortably support his future family.

Physical Appearance: This is the prime criterion of suitability for a girl when being considered for marriage. Apart from physical appearance, the girl is also judged based upon her domestic chores such as cooking, stitching, and cleaning



5 Things Firefighters Can Do To Relief Stress

When it comes to stress relief firefighters need their fair share. After all, they have to deal with long fires, saving lives, and long days on the job away from loved ones. If that isn’t stressful enough, they also have to deal with the stress the job places on their body and health.

  1. Practice meditation or yoga
  2. Start a journal
  3. Exercise
  4. Counseling
  5. Spend time with loved ones


8 Careers With High Stress Rates

There are several factors to what causes stress, careers/jobs are most often the leading cause. Each day we spend more than 8 hours at our work places. During those 8 hours, we experience a great level of stress to meet deadlines, sales goals, etc. While some jobs are more stress-prone than others. Here are 8 careers with high-stress rates.

  1. Nursing home- feeding, bathing and caring for the elderly or young children who are not capable of expressing their appreciation can often take a toll on one’s mental.
  2. Food service staff – waiting tables may seem like an easy job, but the reality of being a waitress is stressful. If earning a minimum wage while depending on tips from your customers to meet ends meet isn’t hard enough, try dealing with rude customers every day.
  3. Social workers – Dealing with abused children or families can make for a demanding, stressful job that’s often 24-7
  4. Health-care workers – This includes doctors, nurses, therapists, and other professions that attract people who might end up giving a lot without saving a little for themselves. Health-care workers can have long, irregular hours and days in which other people’s lives are in their hands
  5. Teachers –  Applaud teachers for more reasons than just teaching our children. But for dedicating their lives to developing, and caring for them too. A teacher’s work is never really done, work is often taken home for grading papers, making lesson plans, etc.
  6. Administrative support staff – A high demand and low control. The profession where one manages to make life easier for others while making life difficult for themselves, with unpredictable working hours and task.
  7. Financial Advisors and Accountants – Stress. Stress. Stress. Most people dislike the idea of managing their finances, savings, stocks, or taxes. Imagine dealing with numbers every day?
  8. Sales  – Commission based jobs can be extremely stressful. A sales person can work twice as many hours as an hourly paying job and earn fewer wages.  In addition, to spending time away from family and friends.

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