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Elizabeth MacGregor is uniquely qualified to counsel couples on relationship issues, such as anger and depression. She’s a member of the American Association For Counseling & Development and Program Committee, for Women’s Issues. Elizabeth specializes in Psychoanalytic and is also certified with a Master’s in Counseling & Guidance from NYU and a Doctorate in Counseling from Yeshiva. She uses therapeutic techniques, such as psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, relational therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Elizabeth’s unique strategies are specifically effective for each person. She works with individuals, couples, adolescents, families, teachers, firefighters, ems and other emergency responders.

In addition to her education, Mrs. MacGeorgor was also married for over 39 years, she knows first-hand the issues that crop up in relationships, and how to resolve them. She understands the necessary healthy balance of boundaries and individual space, combined with making a real and deep connection in a relationship. She spent a lot of time with her husband, living and working together in their Montville Counseling Center practice. And understands the necessary healthy balance of boundaries and individual space, combined with making a real and deep connection in a relationship



After recent events, Elizabeth has also found herself helping clients overcome grief and loss in a matter of months rather than years so that they can once again live purposeful, joy-filled lives while honoring their past. Having overcome life-altering losses of her own; the passing of her beloved husband George MacGregor in July of 2015. Elizabeth’s experiences have given her the tools to help others do the same.

Elizabeth offers relationship counseling on an individual basis, or for a fresh perspective, in small groups of other couples working through relationship issues. In her experiences in her own lasting relationship, as well as the positive results in her therapy practice in which she once shared with her husband, will give you the coping strategies you need to successfully manage your relationship.

Find out more about our effective approach to individual counseling, couples counseling, and other relationship issues.

Contact us today and let’s talk. We accept a wide variety of both in and out of network insurances including Medicare.

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