Both Sides of Life’s Rich Tapestry

Discover And Appreciate Your Complete Picture

Our life is like a rich tapestry and each thread tells a story of its own. Often we are so busy with the process of weaving our story, and our focus is so concentrated on making the outcome of the picture to our liking ― that we’re not paying attention to the details that are happening on the other side of our grand design. Instead we continue to be occupied with completing the unique artwork that will become our life.

From time to time, we pause to admire the progress of our handiwork. We become curious to see what it took to create our ideal picture and turn over the tapestry. We now see the entire picture in all its glory ― a jumbled mass of frayed threads with no seeming order ― each thread telling a story of its own.

We see for the first time the weightiness of murky black threads that seems to go on forever, the bumps and knots, the threads crisscrossing each other, the remnants of loose threads that were cut away and discarded, and the imperfect intermingling of colors and fibers ― all creating the flawless compilation of our expressive character.

In tapestry, just like in life, the placements of color make the patterns of the design. And it’s when we realize that we can change the quality of fibers and the richness of colors at any time to affect the outcome ― that we have control over our lives ― is when we have the power to create joy in our life.

Upon closer examination, we notice a bright and beautiful gold thread peeking through the tangled chaos, playing off the dark threads in perfect contrast. And that’s when we realize that the flip side of every eventual success is the struggle it took to make it happen ― the reverse side has an abstract beauty of its own – the real story of the perfect picture that we have woven.

The back is not a separate story; it’s the complete story of our experiences. Underneath the perfect “front” that we show to others is the magnificent reality that we hide against a protective wall.

Montville Counseling Center wants to show you how to discover and appreciate your complete picture. Call today for a free 15 minute consultation and connect with a caring therapist in a supportive environment to help you not just survive, but thrive.

— By Dr. Elizabeth MacGregor

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