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How To Reduce Anxiety – 5 Natural Remedies To Help Reduce Anxiety

There are a number of treatment approaches for anxiety disorders such as medication, psychotherapy, or natural remedies. The type of treatment an individual will receive will often depend on symptoms and type of anxiety disorder one has. One may need to try a number of treatments, or combinations of treatments, before finding what works best.


Aside from medication and psychotherapy, there are also natural remedies that can help reduce anxiety. There are a number of advantages associated with using natural remedies as opposed to pharmaceutical products including reducing the risk of side effect, effective with chronic conditions, lower cost, widespread availability. Here are a few alternative natural remedies to help reduce anxiety including


  1. Take a Mindfulness Meditation – strengthens a person’s cognitive ability to regulate emotions and helps reduce anxiety
  2. Try Acupuncture – effective, however, it represents a very valuable anxiety treatment benefits immediate, reduces reinforcement, deals with other issues.
  3. Use lavender oils  – lowers systolic pressure, the top blood pressure number that’s associated with stress
  4. Drink Chamomile tea – try drinking three cups of chamomile tea a day when you’re feeling anxious. Chamomile contains two chemicals that promote relaxation   
  5. Eat more blueberries, peaches, and avocados

5 Cons Of Arranged Marriages

5 Cons About Arranged Marriages You Didn’t Know

When we think of traditional marriages we often think of trust, love, and commitment. However, in many cultures, marriages are based on social and economic statuses. Arranged marriages are far from what we call traditional marriages. In fact, arranged marriages are the complete opposite of traditional marriages. Unlike traditional marriages, arranged marriages prioritize family before love.

There are many reasons why arranged marriages are still practiced today, low divorce rates being one of many reasons. Just like there are advantages, there are also disadvantage to arranging marriages.

1. The Absence of Choice
The majority of arranged marriages are forced, which means that you can not object. This could sentence a person to a life of misery.

2. A Loss of Experience – When you are involved in an arranged marriage, it is typically arranged when you are very young. You are not allowed to date or attempt to meet anyone else because you husband or wife has already been chosen for you.

3. Chances of Divorce – divorce rates are said to be very low in arranged marriages, but could this be because divorce is frowned upon in arranged marriages?

4. Love takes second priority – love within your marriages can become second priority. Family members convince the two individuals that love will eventually bloom within the arranged marriage.

5. Interference from extended family – there will be family interference from both families in arranged marriages, satisfying parents will be a more of a priority.





Arranged Marriages – 5 Criteria for Suitable Match In The Indian Culture

Today there are up to 90% of marriages in India and 60% in the world that are arranged. In fact, arranged marriages are also known in countries including Pakistan, Japan, China, and Israel. So what exactly is an arranged marriage? Arranged marriage is a type of marital union where the bride and groom are selected by their families. The most common question often asked about arrange marriage is how does one’s family select a a future daughter-in-law or son-in-law.  There are quite a few criteria’s one must meet in order to be considered a suitable match in an arranged marriage. Here’s a list of the top 5 criteria’s when considering a candidate for an arrange marriage.

Religion: Religion is on the top of the list for arranged marriage criteria. Both parties of an arranged marriage have to belong to the same religion.

Culture: The cultural background of the two families is also taken into consideration while fixing a match.


Horoscope: Horoscope matching is a major part of the arranged marriage process and it is generally the criteria that finalize the talks. Horoscope holds important life predictions as well as describes the individual’s character. In India, it is believed that the horoscope holds the key to every important event of an individual’s life

Professional Stature: This criterion is solely considered by the girl’s side while looking for a match. The prospective groom needs to have a stable job or business and earn enough money to comfortably support his future family.

Physical Appearance: This is the prime criterion of suitability for a girl when being considered for marriage. Apart from physical appearance, the girl is also judged based upon her domestic chores such as cooking, stitching, and cleaning



Teacher Depression And Anxiety – 3 Ways Teachers Can Cope With Depression & Anxiety During The School Year

Approximately 6.8 million American adults  have generalized anxiety disorder and nearly 5 million, have been diagnosed with depression; teachers suffering from these conditions may be even higher. Both depression and anxiety are more common in women than in men, and with the larger population of women in the teaching profession, it’s highly likely that the proportion of teachers are or have suffered depression or anxiety at some point i their career.

Don’t let depression or anxiety steal your love for teaching and your ability to enjoy life itself.  Here are five tips to help keeping your spirit up during the school year.

  1. Buddy up – It’s always a good idea to find someone whom you can relate to during certain journeys. Finding  a co-worker to partner with during the school year can essential help keep your sanity. Your co-buddy can be someone you maybe to vent to on bad days or help your get through any moments of anxiety such as the first day of school.
  2. Routine – Although routines  feel structured,  we often need routines to help us mentally schedule our daily to do list or to simply set the tone for the day without feeling scattered.
  3. Seek help – If you’re an introvert and have a hard time expressing yourself to others, or to your loved ones about work, we suggest seeking help whether it may be a mentor or therapist. It’s important to seek the help needed to teach with a clear head.

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The Teacher Summer Survival Guide – 5 Ways To Finding Yourself After A Long School Year

Unlike most professions teachers are given 2-3 months of summer break after a 10 month school year. Summer break are the perfect time to leave behind the overwhelming demands of the school year and check in to make sure you’re still there under all those layers of labels – teacher, co-worker, employee, mentor advisor, parent, partner, etc.

Here are 5 suggestions how to slow down this summer and reconnect with yourself before starting a new school year.

  1. Shift into low gear – put away the long to-do list and let your body rest; slow pace
  2. Celebrate your success – reflect on the school year and all the positive things that happened; the children whose lives you affected, the learning tools your provided, new things you discovered, etc.
  3. Be Still – Take an hour first thing in the morning or sometime during the day to do absolutely nothing. Focus on the present moment and allow your thoughts to set free. Try adding Meditation to your daily routine headspace app is perfect for beginners
  4. Self Care – besides being a caretaker to students in their classrooms, teachers also have other caretaker responsibilities; to their children, spouses, friends and families. Remind yourself that self care is important and summer break is the time to practice self care.
  5. Reconnect – During the school year it’s hard to connect with our loved ones as often as we’d like. Use this time off to fill your love tank with those who are important to you.


Montville Counseling Center offers therapy sessions for teachers, and provide guidance and tools to live a happy and healthy life. We offer a FREE 30 min look me over session to start! Call us now (973) 331-0043


Should A Nurse Look Into Therapy Treatment?

Depression Epidemic in the Nursing Profession

Should A Nurse Look Into Therapy Treatment?


I recently read an article on about a depression epidemic in the nursing profession. It’s no secret that the medical field could be a mentally draining profession with all that is experience during one working shift, not to mention the 12 hour shifts days.

“Depression is like a cardiac disease, you don’t know you have it. You don’t realize the subtleties, says Louise Weadlock RN, the founder and president of Access Healthcare Services. “Leaders need to create a culture that lifts nurses up. It’ Shouldn’t be a culture in which only the strong survive.”

After reading such interesting article I did my own research. Nurses working in hospital setting and nursing homes identified about 4  out of 10 people with depression and practice nurses working in primary care correctly identified only 1 in 4 four people with depression.

Nurses are selfless healer that ultimately save lives for a living. How can we heal the healer? As the mentions it starts with the managers, uplifting  RN up by promoting them to other suitable, supportive work environments, and to make reasonable accommodations for nurses whose cyclic phase of depression is negatively affecting their performance. Joining nurse groups or social media following inspiring nurses that can relate to you.

How can we help?

Montville Counseling Center offers therapy sessions for professional nurses, and provide guidance from one medical professional to another. We offer a FREE 30 min look me over session to start! Call us now (973) 331-0043

7 Self Help Books To Keep You Balanced in Life – 7 Must Read Self Help Books

7 Must Read Self Help Books

It’s so easy to lose balance in life, but there’s so many things we can do for ourselves to help live a balanced life. We can travel, spend time with family and friends, do a little retail therapy but my personal favorite is reading self help books.

I must admit self help books pulls me out of a funk, very often might I add. I usually keep a book next to my bed and read one chapter a day. A few pages first thing in the morning and complete the entire chapter by night. Self help books ultimately recharges by battery with a load of recurrence and positivity. Needless to say, self help books aren’t the end all be all for those things but it will add tremendous value to your life. This is why I feel so compelled to share this list of the 10 of the most influential self-help book.


  1. The Alchemist – The story of the treasures Santiago find during his journey teaches us about the essential wisdom of listening to our hearts, learning to read the signs along life’s path and following your dreams.
  2. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Covey reveals the keys for living with fairness, integrity, service and human dignity with 7 simple principles which includes be proactive, being with the end in mind, put first things first, think win-win, seek to understand and then to be understood, synergize, and sharpen the saw.
  3. The Power of Now – an inspiring spiritual journey to find your true and deepest self and reach the ultimate in personal growth and spirituality. Tolle introduces your biggest enemy your mind. He goes in further by showing readers how to live in the present moment.
  4. The Road Less Travel – This book help us explore the nature of loving relationships and leads us toward a new peace and fulfillment. You will learn how to distinguish dependency from love, and how to become a more sensitive parent.
  5. The Four Agreement – A classic in the self-help book world, and my very first self-help book not by choice but for a psychology assignment. I am still grateful for this book. The Four Agreements are life essential steps to personal freedom by being impeccable with your word, Don’t take anything personally, Don’t make assumptions, and Always do your best. Simple. Right?
  6. The Power of Habit – A book that breaks down each habit we form into three steps, which are called the habit loop, steps are the cue, the routine, and the reward.
  7. The Art Of Happiness – The main focus is on the idea of happiness as a state of mind. This self-help book teaches you how to surrender the feeling of attachment towards ideas and objects

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Why Traveling Is A Great Way To Fight Depression – 4 Reasons How Traveling Can Help You Overcome Depression

Understanding your own depression is the key to receiving the right treatment needed to support you through the journey. Traveling is proven to be a mood booster for people, whether it’s spending time with family and friends or to just escaping daily routines and the daily hustle and bustle. Everyone enjoys a break from time to time.

By traveling, endorphins and oxytocin are released and forces the brain to make use of these hormones to improve your mood and outlook. Your brain will being to focus more on your inner thoughts and will allow you to see different perspectives by regaining energy and clarity to move forward in a positively.

How exactly does traveling help with your ability to overcome depression?

  1. Creating new positive memories can help you realize the potential for combating your negative inner thoughts.
  2. Teaches new possibilities showing us that most of what we think is impossible is actually possible  
  3. Inspires which can help alter our perceptions of ourselves and those around us
  4. Meeting new people can often bring out ideas, advice, and beliefs

How can we help?

Montville Counseling Center offers therapy sessions for individuals fighting depression.We also offer a FREE 30 min look me over session to get start! Call us now (973) 331-0043


What’s the difference between Sex and Gender

The terms sex and gender has been used interchangeably for years, but now in our modern society sex and gender are defined differently. Do you know the difference between sex and gender?

The sex of a person relates to biological differences between and male and a female. For example, males and females have different genitalia, both internal and external. As well as the level and type of hormones in a male and female body is different based on their sex. As for gender is often a socially constructed characteristics of a male or female in which society categorize as the norms. The roles between the two groups are adhered to things such as what is expectable or consider the norm.

For example: We often associate a boy with the color blue and girls with the color pink. We are told that girls like to play with dolls and boys like to play with cars. These are examples of society associating our sex with our gender roles. But what if our gender roles do not match our sex? Is Jane consider different because she prefers to wear the color blue and play with cars? Is Tom different because he loves the color pink and prefers to play with dolls? Transgenders are constantly faced with these kinds of challenges.

If we can take the time to educate ourselves with the meaning of these terms, we can grasp a better understanding of transgender people and the struggles they face daily when trying to be accepted in a world where they are told there cannot be.

Montville Counseling Center offers therapy sessions to provide guidance and tools to live a happy and healthy life. We offer a FREE 30 min look me over session to start! Call us now (973) 331-0043



We are taught all of our lives to be ourselves, yet how can we be ourselves if we are not accepted for who we are? Contrary to belief, society only accepts us if are what is considered to be the ‘norm’ or normal. Transgender discrimination is one of many discriminations that occurs in our society.


Transgenders are referred as someone who sense their gender differs from what would be expected based on the sex characteristics with which they are born. There are a number of theories exist to explain why some people identify as trans such as early experience, unusual hormonal experience, being born with ambiguous genitals, identifying as intersex, and gender roles so many children are forced into may play a role.


Given the pressure fitting into a group society has formed, transgender’s often try to conform by transitioning physically and socially in ways they feel are congruent with their identity. Often resulting in physical procedures, changes in the way one dresses or even behaves. There are so many transitions transgender experiences it can certainly take a toll on their mental state.


It’s important for those in the transgender community to have a support system that allows them to discuss and work through their inner battles after gender or sex discovery, physically transition, and given the rampant discrimination and misunderstanding of transgender. We accept you as you are here at Montville Counseling Center.

Montville Counseling Center offers therapy sessions to provide guidance and tools to live a happy and healthy life. We offer a FREE 30 min look me over session to start! Call us now (973) 331-0043

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