Feeling Safe

The Inner Child

Who is the Inner Child?

The inner child is the part of us that we learned to “push down” and stifle when we really were children. Our inner child is the truest part of ourselves – and not the false self who was formed over many years of negative childhood experiences and messages. As “grownups”, we are left with this inner child locked away in our adult psyche. We learn to manage the conditioning from our parents and family, society, friends, teachers, media, politicians and religion by denying our true thoughts and feelings.

Locking Away the Child Within

We discover that life is “easier” when we train ourselves to imprison this essential part of us, the child within, inside the wall of our emotional protective armor. We begin to believe what we are told about ourselves – who we are – and what we should become in life, no longer feeling safe in conveying our true self. And then we become skilled at hiding how we truly feel and we end up navigating our world with a faulty GPS system, not understanding why we keep getting off track in our life.

The effect of locking away the inner child and not feeling safe is felt by a myriad of people in all walks of life – from the 45 year old corporate executive who uses bravado when not feeling safe in the corporate environment – to the 30 year old woman who is trying to manage life with a newborn and an alcoholic husband.

And we don’t realize that we have become complicit in wounding this inner child and our true self. This mindset that we have trapped our inner child in creates behavior that manifests in depression, addiction, abuse and an array of physical disorders. Locking away your inner child also creates codependency, which fosters low self-esteem and staying in draining relationships while ignoring your own needs. A deep sense of distrust sets in and all of this stress only increases health problems.

Feel Safe Freeing Your Inner Child

Liberate your child within and your creative self that you have hidden in the deep part of your unconscious. With skilled help, you can become fulfilled in your life by making choices and decisions based on your true self. Become more spontaneous, responsive, giving, loving, and communicate without judgment of yourself or others. Learn to feel safe expressing your true feelings and accepting them without fear.  Discover your inner child by calling and arranging for a free consultation with caring professional counselor while feeling safe in a supportive environment.

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