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Is It Safe To Travel To Europe? – 4 Ways To Cope With Fear Of Terrorism In Europe

What does safety mean to you? When was the last time you felt completely safe while traveling to another country? Are you experiencing anxiety about an upcoming vacation or business trip to Europe because of recent events of terrorism? If you’re experiencing fear or anxiety about your next leisure travel to Europe then now would be the perfect time for you to take a media break; especially television news.

Europe terrorist attacks have increased within recent months, while the number of travelers traveling to Europe has declined.Europe has been the center of news attention and the trending topic on nearly every news channel there is, prompting tourist to rethink plans to visit Europe. These incidents have made an emotional impact on people, making them feel like Europe is more dangerous and not as welcoming.

“Terrorism, by its nature, is a very ineffective military tactic, but it’s more geared towards instilling fear,” says Mario Scalora, a psychology professor at the University of Nebraska states.”Buying into that fear, he says, leaves terrorists victorious.

“The biggest message against terrorists is to show that we can live our lives that we’re moving forward.” – US News reports.

If you find yourself asking Should we travel to Europe? Is it safe to travel to Europe? Should I go to Europe? How safe is Europe?

Here are 4 simple ways to cope with the fear of traveling to Europe.

1. Accept what is out of your control – acts of terrorist attacks are not something we cannot prevent or prepare for
2. Take a media break – if your anxiety is high, limit your time away from the media.
3. Unsubscribe to newsletters, Unfollow pages, Disable notification from media sources that feed you the most anxiety about terrorism
4. Put things into perspective – We must distinguish between what is dangerous and what is only dramatic and frightening. Remind yourself that terrorism is rare and insignificant risk, there is a greater chance of dying from a fall in the bath than of dying in a terrorist attack

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