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We Practice What We Teach

We are uniquely qualified to counsel couples on relationship issues, such as anger and depression. As a licensed psychotherapist and a licensed clinical therapist, who have been married for 39 years, we know first-hand the issues that crop up in relationships, and how to resolve them.
We spend a lot of time with each other, living and working together. And we understand the necessary healthy balance of boundaries and individual space, combined with making a real and deep connection in a relationship.

We offer relationship counseling on an individual basis, or for a fresh perspective, in a small group of other couples working through relationship issues. The group is led by both Dr. and George MacGregor, harmonizing conflicts with a married therapist couple leading the way. Our experiences in our own lasting relationship, as well as the positive results in our therapy practice, will give you the coping strategies you need to successfully manage your relationship.

Find out more about our effective approach to individual counseling, couples counseling, and other relationship issues.

Contact us today and let's talk. We accept a wide variety of both in and out of network insurances including Medicare.



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