What are the Difficult Issues Facing Teenagers Today?

What are the Difficult Issues Facing Teenagers Today?

Raising children can be a rewarding experience. Parents do their best to protect them from harm, but as they approach their teens, parenting can be overwhelming, frustrating and even frightening. Keeping teens safe in today’s world is one of the greatest challenges of being a parent. It can be difficult to distinguish what is “normal” teenage behavior and what is bordering on behavior disorders, such as oppositional personality disorder.

Some teen issues can start out as mild concerns, but then subtly transform in to disturbing situations. It’s often difficult for parents to assess their child’s general welfare. It can be shocking to suddenly discover that one’s child is in a downward spiral.

Do you suspect that your child is abusing drugs? Teenage substance abuse is rampant and can affect “good” kids that one would never suspect is abusing drugs. Today’s drug of choice favored by teens can be easily obtainable substances like alcohol, prescription and non-prescription drugs (such as cough suppressants), and everyday household chemicals. Everything from paint thinners and glues to cleaning fluids are possible candidates for chemical abuse.

Teenagers cutting themselves, also known as self-injury, is also on the rise, and how some teens deal with strong emotions. Often it’s a cry for help. Teenage cutting can take the form of repeatedly cutting or scratching their skin, or hitting themselves with an object that causes mutilation. They need to learn coping skills to better handle their stress.

School bullying is nothing new. But more recently, the internet has increased the opportunities for bullying.  Teens are not only bullied at school, but are now attacked in their own homes through taunting over the internet. Incessant group targeting or “icing out” the teen target with cyber bullying can cause great mental anguish, and in some cases, lead to teen suicide or self-injury (teen cutting).  A parent may suspect that their own child is the one doing the bullying, and not know how to handle the situation.

As a Parent, How Can You Best Help Your Teenager?

Teenage years are usually a time of tremendous stress. Be involved and talk to your child. Attempt to get your child to open up as much as possible without nagging or preaching.  Seek help.  Many times a teen will open up to a mental health counselor, who is trained and experienced in handling teen issues. Trained counselors in adolescent behavior can offer solutions with teen stress management. And help your child to make good choices.

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