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Grief is a universal experience for everyone. However, when the natural process of adapting to life is stalled, it may signal complicated grief especially in PTSD and trauma counseling. The intense sorrow that most people feel after a difficult loss turns into unrelenting pain with no hint of easing its hold on us. The feeling for you might be one of being stuck in grief that’s as raw as that first awful day. It can occur psychologically on the anniversary date of your loss, and be unconsciously relived for you, especially when trauma has occurred.

Warning signs that grief is becoming complicated grief can be an extreme focus on reminders of the loved one, or excessive avoidance of reminders. Problems accepting the death can be demonstrated with an intense and persistent longing for the deceased, bitterness about the loss, feelings of numbness, detachment, heavy guilt or out of control anger, and ultimately feeling that life holds no meaning or purpose.

Anxiety and depression are often the first symptoms of grief, loss, or trauma. Panic may be experienced, while others try to dull the emotional pain with alcohol or prescription drugs. Some may completely turn off all emotional response by actively avoiding thinking or speaking about the deceased to try and escape the pain.

Compounding these relentless feelings, you may find that support systems of family and friends may suddenly dwindle or completely stop, leaving you feeling abandoned in your pain.

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