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8 Questions Your Therapist Will Ask


Prepare For Your First Therapy Session With 7 Question

Finally! You find the courage to schedule your first therapy session but you don’t have the slightest idea on what to expect during your session. Besides, the only therapy session you ever encountered were scenes from your favorite movies. You know, the scene where you your body is stretched across a long couch and your eyes are shut closed; or is that just a therapy session cliche.

Will the therapist asks me questions like how does this make me a million times? What types of questions will I be asked by my therapist during my session?The first rule of thumb is to go in with an open mind.

Your first therapy session is similar to an interview, like most interviews we prepare ourselves. We’re usually asked the same question ‘tell me about yourself’? We put together 8 questions that your therapist will ask in some sort form.

1 |  Goal-oriented opening questions

What are your best hopes for our talk today? (solution oriented)What would you like to be different when you walk out of here today? (change oriented)What is your main concern today? (problem oriented)

2 | Relationship-oriented opening questions

Whose idea was it for you to be here today? (for an initial session)Who is with you in this room today (figuratively speaking)?

3 |  Evaluation-oriented opening questions

So, what’s been going well? (solution-oriented)What is different today from the last time you were here? (change-oriented)What, from last session, impacted you this week? (change-oriented)

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