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A Daily Practice of Love

For some couples on Valentine’s Day, Cupid’s piercing arrow to the heart can miss the mark. The pressure of making the day perfect, and the stress of fulfilling unrealistic expectations, can lead to disappointment, frustration, and feeling let down. When anger and other unsettling emotions bubble to the surface instead of champagne, hurt feelings can be the result. Not exactly the romantic feelings most are yearning for on that special day.

Finding ways to show affection and appreciation, and spending time together all year long does more to sustain a relationship than one day of obligated or forced bliss. Honoring your own relationship’s unique needs and remembering to make an effort each day builds an authentic connection that keeps the romance lasting throughout the seasons.

By all means, celebrate the day. Just be sure to pay attention to your relationship every day. Give Cupid the daily target practice that both of your hearts fully deserve!

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