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How does the heart respond when loss occurs…..when emptiness floods the soul…….and pain is unending?  When all around you seems to be slipping away…….when holding tight and holding fast seems to be beyond your grasp? …..How do you look forward, when no forward seems to be around you, and there is nothing fast to embrace to warm your heart?

How, when the loss of a treasured and sacred loved one, a child, a mate, a pet, or one’s blessed health,…….how do you even let yourself dream of recovering……of returning to a semblance of what life was?  Or, do you let yourself shatter and close down, turning away from the warmth and outreach of others, feeling the hopelessness, the loneliness and emptiness of a heart full of bereavement?……it sometimes seems so impossible, doesn't it?…….that the spirited and cheerful part of your soul could come alive once again,  and breath the joy, and restfulness of a heart, returning to life, returning to love?

Loss is often felt with anger as well as aguish …….you may wish to turn away from and admonish others for has they have disappointed you, for how they have let you down……for how they have hurt your feelings and not listened, to the whispers of your heart and the echoes of your core?


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