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How Are Transgenders Born

We are taught all of our lives to be ourselves, yet how can we be ourselves if we are not accepted for who we are? Contrary to belief, society only accepts us if are what is considered to be the ‘norm’ or normal. Transgender discrimination is one of many discriminations that occurs in our society.

Transgenders are referred as someone who sense their gender differs from what would be expected based on the sex characteristics with which they are born. There are a number of theories exist to explain why some people identify as trans such as early experience, unusual hormonal experience, being born with ambiguous genitals, identifying as intersex, and gender roles so many children are forced into may play a role.

Given the pressure fitting into a group society has formed, transgender’s often try to conform by transitioning physically and socially in ways they feel are congruent with their identity. Often resulting in physical procedures, changes in the way one dresses or even behaves. There are so many transitions transgender experiences it can certainly take a toll on their mental state.

It’s important for those in the transgender community to have a support system that allows them to discuss and work through their inner battles after gender or sex discovery, physically transition, and given the rampant discrimination and misunderstanding of transgender. We accept you as you are here at Montville Counseling Center.

Montville Counseling Center offers therapy sessions to provide guidance and tools to live a happy and healthy life. We offer a FREE 30 min look me over session to start! Call us now (973) 331-0043

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