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Struggling with Fertility Issues

The heartbreaking experience of trying to become pregnant without success can take a person through a range of painful experiences and emotions, compacting a lifetime of stressful feelings into an all too limited timeframe that conversely seems to stretch on forever.

Some women decide to delay childbirth until later in life only to be caught by surprise by infertility after spending so many careful years avoiding pregnancy. Other women have long planned to “start a family” early in life only to be repeatedly disappointed each month. A feeling of helplessness begins to cloud over this usually joyful time as it slowly transforms itself to a life crisis — triggering for many individuals and couples issues of self-blame, depression, guilt, shame, intense anger, grief, and obsessive thoughts about infertility. The stress of the financial cost is one more emotional weight that gets added to the crumbling pile.

Living in the present becomes squeezed between scrutinizing the past and an increasingly uncertain future. Holding these devastating emotions together is both a daily burden and a small triumph, until a well-intentioned friend or tactless near-stranger cracks the thin and shaky facade with an off-hand thoughtless comment or question. Shouldering this stress with your partner can also begin to chip away at the relationship. A feeling of inadequacy builds, and self-esteem can deteriorate with each passing day.

Ongoing Individual and couples counseling during infertility treatments can be enormously helpful in coping with this continual emotional traumatic strain. Don’t go it alone. Give us a call today and get professional help and strategies in dealing with your infertility struggles.

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