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The Teacher Summer Survival Guide – 5 Ways To Finding Yourself After A Long School Year

Unlike most professions teachers are given 2-3 months of summer break after a 10 month school year. Summer break are the perfect time to leave behind the overwhelming demands of the school year and check in to make sure you’re still there under all those layers of labels – teacher, co-worker, employee, mentor advisor, parent, partner, etc.

Here are 5 suggestions how to slow down this summer and reconnect with yourself before starting a new school year.

Shift into low gear – put away the long to-do list and let your body rest; slow paceCelebrate your success – reflect on the school year and all the positive things that happened; the children whose lives you affected, the learning tools your provided, new things you discovered, etc.

Be Still – Take an hour first thing in the morning or sometime during the day to do absolutely nothing. Focus on the present moment and allow your thoughts to set free. Try adding Meditation to your daily routine headspace app is perfect for beginners

Self Care – besides being a caretaker to students in their classrooms, teachers also have other caretaker responsibilities; to their children, spouses, friends and families. Remind yourself that self care is important and summer break is the time to practice self care.

Reconnect – During the school year it’s hard to connect with our loved ones as often as we’d like. Use this time off to fill your love tank with those who are important to you.

Montville Counseling Center offers therapy sessions for teachers, and provide guidance and tools to live a happy and healthy life. We offer a FREE 30 min look me over session to start! Call us now (973) 331-0043

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