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Couples/Marriage Therapy

Couples therapy can be the bridge that helps all types of couples ― married, unmarried and same sex — to better understand each other so they can communicate in a healthier style. Many couples feel they may need couples therapy for those little relationship bumps in the road. And sometimes couples need relationship help when they are taking an unexpected side detour into uncharted dangerous territory. Couples therapy can help them navigate their way back to smoother terrain.

It may be time for couples counseling when there are setbacks such as trust is broken in the relationship by infidelity, escalating anger over out of control spending of one partner, a partner escaping into television or computer addiction, sexual or intimacy issues, lack of communication or simply no communication at all.


Unexpected external influences like job loss, chronic illness, caring for a sick or aging parent or childbirth or infertility issues can contribute added stress.  These hardships in life can send a relationship into a tailspin. Training from a qualified therapist or psychologist on how to effectively communicate can keep the partnership strong during these unforeseen trials that usually happen at some time in a relationship.

Relationship counseling, using psychoanalytic principles and insights, can help you get your balance back as you work out your issues. A healthy relationship is usually not a “perfect relationship.” Become educated in the areas of compromise in your own relationship in building a stronger foundation.

Sometimes there is a feeling of guilt or even shame about “talking about” one’s life partner when entering into counseling. Understanding that an honest and open dialog about your true thoughts and feelings will be the pathway to communicating with each other. It’s often a good idea to first seek individual counseling to work through your own individual and private feelings and sort them out before joining your partner in couples counseling.

Therapy can help you to understand each other’s perspective and discover a middle ground to find a way back to each other. 

Having been married to my late husband for over 43 years and raising a family together, has given me a unique and personal view of relationships. 

Therapy can help you to understand each other’s perspective and discover a middle ground to find a way back to each other. 

Image by Brooke Cagle
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