Life Coaching

Most of us know and understand just how important it is to take care of our physical selves: to fuel our bodies with nutritious food, to stay active, and to give ourselves a proper rest. Some of us even call upon a professional to help us reach our greatest potential in regards to our physical health, fitness, or strength. But many of us fail to use that same level of care when it comes to the remaining parts of ourselves.

We can help you attend to the areas of your life you may be neglecting. Let us assist in identifying the need for change and help you better understand what you want or what you’re missing out of life; and we can offer guidance for taking the necessary strides to get to your ultimate destination. Their direction will ultimately help you thrive in life.

Life coaching is a newer approach to mental health care, but it is quickly growing in popularity, as its proven to help many individuals make positive changes in their lives. Counseling and therapy typically focuses on helping individuals address and manage challenges that pose harm to their mental or emotional health. Life coaching, on the other hand, typically focuses on helping individuals reach personal and professional goals, which will in turn help them reach greater success in life.

For a more complete understanding, here is some information regarding working with a Montville Counseling Center Life Coach:

  • Our Life Coaches are dedicated to motivating and helping people achieve their goals.

  • We tailor our sessions to each client to help you stay on track.

  • We help to keep you accountable so that you can live your best life.

  • Our Life Coaches can work alone or with other therapeutic (or medical) professionals.

  • Life coaches are not the equivalent to therapists.

Let us help you to reach new levels of accomplishment and to live an outstandingly successful life.

“A life coach does for the rest of your life what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness.”
–Elaine MacDonald

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Meet Our Life Coaches

Life Coach Ian

As a young teen, the odds of my succeeding were against me. I spent my teenage years struggling to escape the chaotic environment I created around myself and got in trouble with the law. It took being arrested and incarcerated to finally team me kindness and cooperation with others. I found myself in Maine, homeless, penniless and friendless But at the absolute lowest point in my life, I found the strength to rally and claw my way up from the bottom. Today, I am a successful business man, homeowner, father and life coach enjoying the spoils of my hard work and determination

I am ready to help you find your own inner strength and resolve, so that you too can overcome the obstacles blocking your path…….. to help you find success and loving in your life

Health Coach Institute as a Health and Life Coach

2­Day Intensive Online Course:
Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for Difficult Couples
Evidence­Based Techniques to Effectively Work With Challenging Couples


International Coaching Federation

Life Coach Charles

After it turned eighteen, I left Pennsylvania and went to reside in Maine for an extended period of time. While I lived in Maine, I first started in the service industry, further learning about people and exploring what kind of things I was looking to do with the rest of my life. When I first started thinking about a career, I decided upon the path of computer science. To begin this great journey, I started at Eastern Maine Community College. It was there that I realized I had zero passion for anything related to computer science. I was then drawn to change majors to my true passion in life, Psychology. Afterwards, I got a job as a BHP (Behavioral Health Professional). This work entailed that I would be working with children, some in their homes, who had mental disabilities and executive functioning issues. Most of the children I worked with had anxiety, depression or autism. Many were on the spectrum. I acquired several different certificates in the mental health field. I then moved to New Jersey to be close to family. As I started my search for new employment, I found a very interesting career. Life coaching seems to have the calling that I have been searching for. I enjoy helping people find the solutions to all of life’s very difficult challenges that truly never seem to cease. I help my clients through a variety of issues that they will face at one point or another in their lives. Most of my clientele come with the burdens of anxiety and depression which affects most of their life relationships. I have completed several life coaching certificates and am now enrolled in the Health Coaching Institute. I believe that there is good in everyone and I believe three is always a flip side to everything. To every good thing there can be something bad. To every bad thing there can be something good. All of life has a season. If you put everything you have into something, you will eventually achieve it.

Dr. Ashanti Johnson

My name is Dr. Ashanti Johnson and as a young girl growing up in Dallas, Texas my favorite television show to watch on Saturday mornings was The Undersea World of Jacque Cousteau on PBS.  I can recall sitting in front of the television being absolutely fascinated as Mr. Cousteau introduced me to unfamiliar undersea creatures and far-off places around the globe. Mr. Cousteau was one of my first role models and served as an inspiration for me throughout my 3rd-12th grade experience in the Dallas Independent School District’s Talented and Gifted programs. 

Growing up, as the oldest of three daughters, my parents taught me by their examples that community service and helping others are important responsibilities. Early on in my childhood, I developed a commitment to becoming a successful ocean explorer like Mr. Cousteau, and to helping others by giving back to the community whenever possible.  Although we did not live very close to an ocean, my father, mother, grandmothers, teachers and others in the Dallas Oak Cliff community encouraged me to continue pursuing my dream of one day becoming the “next Jacque Cousteau.” After graduating from Dallas’ Talented and Gifted High School, I enrolled in Texas A&M University at Galveston as a marine science undergraduate student and after earning my bachelor’s degree in 1993, I continued studying the ocean at the doctoral level. In May 1999 when I became the first African-American to receive a Ph.D. in oceanography from Texas A&M University, I was so excited to be finally be able to launch my professional career as an ocean explorer.

Throughout my professional career I have been blessed to be able to conduct scientific research around the globe, while educating, advising, coaching and mentoring K-12 children and their parents, college students, young professionals and senior level executives/administrators in the US and abroad. After receiving my doctoral degree, I pursued additional training in mentoring, advising, relationship dynamics, organizational leadership, program management, financial stewardship, real estate, family mediation, as well as health and life coaching, so that I could increase my ability to succeed in both my professional and personal pursuits. As a health/wellness, life and career couch, I am able to call upon lessons learned from these trainings, my personal experiences, as well as my previous roles as an educator, scientist, executive, entrepreneur, church trustee and youth ministry director.

I believe that my purpose as a life coach is to focus on helping others achieve their goals, overcome challenges, recognize their true potential and assist them in healing from past traumatic experiences. In addition to having more than 20 years of experience in mentoring and helping others, it should also be noted that I have personally experienced healing and victory over various traumatic experiences, including sexual molestation as an adolescent, two abusive (verbally and physically) marriages and several instances of unfair treatment. As an overcomer of these and various other life challenges, I credit my personal and professional successes, in part, to my deep Christian faith and my commitment to persevere. I live by the motto “we lift as we climb” and as a single mother of three active children (currently ages 15, 11, and 9), I have dedicated the remainder of my professional career to helping others and leaving an inheritance for my children’s children in accordance to Proverbs 13:22.