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Most of us know and understand just how important it is to take care of our physical selves: to fuel our bodies with nutritious food, to stay active, and to give ourselves a proper rest. Some of us even call upon a professional to help us reach our greatest potential in regards to our physical health, fitness, or strength. But many of us fail to use that same level of care when it comes to the remaining parts of ourselves.

We can help you attend to the areas of your life you may be neglecting. Let us assist in identifying the need for change and help you better understand what you want or what you’re missing out of life; and we can offer guidance for taking the necessary strides to get to your ultimate destination. Their direction will ultimately help you thrive in life.

Life coaching is a newer approach to mental health care, but it is quickly growing in popularity, as its proven to help many individuals make positive changes in their lives. Counseling and therapy typically focuses on helping individuals address and manage challenges that pose harm to their mental or emotional health. Life coaching, on the other hand, typically focuses on helping individuals reach personal and professional goals, which will in turn help them reach greater success in life.

For a more complete understanding, here is some information regarding working with a Montville Counseling Center Life Coach:

  • Our Life Coaches are dedicated to motivating and helping people achieve their goals.

  • We tailor our sessions to each client to help you stay on track.

  • We help to keep you accountable so that you can live your best life.

  • Our Life Coaches can work alone or with other therapeutic (or medical) professionals.

  • Life coaches are not the equivalent to therapists.

Let us help you to reach new levels of accomplishment and to live an outstandingly successful life.

“A life coach does for the rest of your life what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness.”
–Elaine MacDonald

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