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Individual & Pet-Assisted Therapy

Individual Psychotherapy/Psychoanalysis 

Move toward clarity and a new sense of vision for yourself. Individual therapy/ Psychoanalysis at Montville Counseling Center is a safe place where you can be heard. Learning how to deal with unresolved past issues and shift to a new understanding of yourself ― can open you up to responding to the world in a much healthier way. How you perceive your problems will transform your life and move it in a positive direction.

Here are just some of the ways that individual counseling can get you moving:

  • Don’t go it alone if you’re depressed. Therapy is essential in managing depression. If you feel helpless to make the changes to get your life moving in a new and positive direction, or you’re not seeing the desired results you want, then talking with a professional counselor can help. Most people with depression respond extremely well.

  • Effectively managing stress and anxiety – from free-floating anxiety to full-blown panic attacks – changes the way you experience life. Take control of your life and start confidently making decisions that lead you toward personal growth. Free yourself from the persistent “humming of anxiety” so you’re comfortable to explore new territory that creates new opportunity.

  • Understand what makes you angry and resentful ― and become less reactive and intense in your interactions with other ― and in challenging situations. Use anger management skills taught by a trained counselor to liberate you from the past traumas causing the destructive reactions that tear down your relationships and serenity. Learn how to communicate with compassion and calmly express your feelings in a productive way.

  • Stop missing out on opportunities because you’re afraid of taking action. Escape the grip that your past has on you ― affecting your decisions and distorting your perceptions. Experience a new sense of healthy self-esteem and create a fulfilling life for yourself.

  • Caregivers are under great deal of stress that can affect their physical and emotional health. In addition to the stress of their demanding situation, caregivers often have feelings of guilt, anger, resentment, depression, sadness, and fear as well as of being ashamed and inadequate ― which only continue to wear down their state of well-being. “Caregiver Coaching” is a safe and steady foothold, giving them the support and outlet they need to manage their difficult circumstances while achieving their own personal gratification.

  • Relationship issues can take its toll on most partnerships, and often it’s a good idea to first seek individual counseling to first work through your own individual and deeply private feelings before joining your life partner in couples counseling or marriage counseling.


Sometimes there are feelings of guilt or shame about when discussing private family matters in counseling. You may feel uncomfortable in divulging family secrets, “airing out dirty laundry” or acknowledging your true feelings about a family member or situation. Understanding that being honest and open about your genuine thoughts and feelings ― is essential to the success of your counseling sessions.


Not only survive, but thrive in your life. Learn how to live with less anxiety and fear, and face your challenges with pleasant anticipation instead of worrisome apprehension. Montville Counseling Center provides a safe environment to explore your negative emotions and painful memories that are holding you back. Learn coping techniques to guide you through the healing process to a more in-control and powerful life.

Pet-Assisted Therapy

Here at Montville Counseling Center we offer pet therapy with our North Star Pet Rescue companion, Chatauqua. She is a bundle of love and companionship and will willingly sit next to you during your therapy or coaching session. She is small and tan and white and all of 15 pounds, eager to be petted and to snuggle with you.

The benefits of Pet Therapy are that it causes your spirits to be lifted and lessens depression, decreases feelings of isolation as you are comforted. Pet Therapy will assist in encouraging communication through increased socialization and reduced boredom and can lower anxiety.  It can help children overcome speech and emotional disorders and promotes physical and emotional recovery.

Ask about Pet Therapy when you call!

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