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Dr. Elizabeth MacGregor

Psychoanalysis/Psychotherapy, EdD, LPC, CBT, EMDR, ASE, DBT
Diplomate in Trauma Counseling

It is not unusual to feel apprehensive and nervous about beginning your therapy journey. We welcome you to contact us to explore your feelings and concerns.

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Topics for your Therapy Journey

Individual counseling and/or Psychoanalysis is available to help you relieve your anxiety, mistrust, and stress. Therapy with us is safe place to begin your shared journey.  Growth, change, and empowerment are our goals for your journey.

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We offer Couples Therapy for both married and unmarried unions, and same sex couples(LGBTQ+).  Our goal is to help you open communication within relationships while being mindful of the need for trust and respect.  We will work towards transparency and clarity.

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Pet Therapy is available in our office upon request, with our service animal, Willow.  Pet Therapy can relieve anxiety and feelings of mistrust during our sessions.  Willow is available to sit with you as you continue your therapy journey. 

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Grief, loss and Recovery is a journey after a loved one has passed or where abilities you used to have are lost. We will explore your feelings and experienced related to this process.

  Silver sneakers counseling is available for seniors feeling loss due to the ageing process. We will explore coping mechanisms together during our sessions. 

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About Dr. MacGregor

Dr. Elizabeth MacGregor is uniquely qualified to counsel couples on relationship issues, such as anger and depression. She’s a member of the American Association For Counseling & Development. Elizabeth specializes in Psychoanalysis and is also certified with a Master’s in Counseling & Guidance from NYU and a Doctorate in Counseling from Yeshiva University. She uses therapeutic techniques, such as psychoanalytic, psychodynamic, relational therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), as well as EMDR. Elizabeth’s unique strategies are specifically effective for each person. She works with individuals, couples, adolescents, families, teachers, firefighters, ems and other emergency responders.

"My therapy style is caring, supportive and non-judgmental, freeing you to relax for open communication. We guide you in becoming aware of emotional and habitual triggers so you can change repetitive patterns of behavior that are not helping you. You will learn to understand yourself with new eyes and really see with crystal clarity where you are now and how you got there. When everything "clicks" into place, then you will learn new ways to think about yourself and respond to what's thrown your way and move in a healthy direction." 

My spouse and I have consulted Dr. MacGregor for almost 11 months now, and during this time, she has been a big help to me in gaining insight into my own actions and how to understand my spouse better. She is very professional and diligent and expects the same out of her clients. With her many years of experience, and the warm ambience of her office, she is able to make me feel at ease. I was able to confide in her and have better insight into myself . Highly Recommended!



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